38-9 Restoration

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The Beginning
Don't Plug it In
The Beginning
The Plan

 1.  Get the Data

 2.  Block Diagram

 3.  Pre-Flight Checks

 4.  What Needs Replacement?

 5.  Ordering Parts

 6.  Install Electrolytics

 7.  First Power-On Checks

 8.  Triage Problems - more trouble!

 9.  Complete Electrical Restoration

10.  2nd Pre-Flight and Power-On, and The Last Problem

Additional Resources

 o  Antenna in the attic

 o  Shortwave Listening Guide

 o  Philco and Radio History

 o  Other Links


In September 2003 I purchased this beautiful Philco console radio from an antique shop in Walker Valley, New York.  The shop keeper assured me that it was working, but it might just need a tube or something.  Uh huh.  I bought it anyway.  My (incredibly supportive) wife and I thought it would look great in the foyer even if I couldn't ever get it working.
When I got it home, my adventure began.  I strung a wire on the antenna, plugged it in, and Voila!  Nothing!  No hum, no static, no nothing.  Five minutes later I'm on the Internet trying to figure out what I'd gotten myself into.

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