38-9 Restoration

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The Beginning
Don't Plug it In
7.  First Power-on Checks
The Plan

 1.  Get the Data

 2.  Block Diagram

 3.  Pre-Flight Checks

 4.  What Needs Replacement?

 5.  Ordering Parts

 6.  Install Electrolytics

 7.  First Power-On Checks

 8.  Triage Problems - more trouble!

 9.  Complete Electrical Restoration

10.  2nd Pre-Flight and Power-On, and The Last Problem

Additional Resources

 o  Antenna in the attic

 o  Shortwave Listening Guide

 o  Philco and Radio History

 o  Other Links


I followed Stenning's suggestion before applying power (see his guide, pages 4, 5, and 8).  Lacking a variable transformer, I used the "100 Watt Bulb" method of limiting power.

This is the "100 Watt Bulb" jig that I put together.  It allowed me to easily insert or remove this current-limiter from the power circuit.

With the 100W in the circuit, I applied power.  The lamp had a very faint glow.  All of the tubes glowed.  A spot check at the output of the rectifier tube showed around 275VDC, so the transformer and rectifier tube in the power supply section looked reasonable.

Despite having replaced the main caps, the unit was silent.  Even after a couple of minutes, with volume at max, there was no sound at all.  Tuning, and switching between should have produced some static, but it didn't.  Looks like there's trouble in the Audio Amplifier section.

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