38-9 Restoration

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The Beginning
Don't Plug it In
1.  Get The Data
The Plan

 1.  Get the Data

 2.  Block Diagram

 3.  Pre-Flight Checks

 4.  What Needs Replacement?

 5.  Ordering Parts

 6.  Install Electrolytics

 7.  First Power-On Checks

 8.  Triage Problems - more trouble!

 9.  Complete Electrical Restoration

10.  2nd Pre-Flight and Power-On, and The Last Problem

Additional Resources

 o  Antenna in the attic

 o  Shortwave Listening Guide

 o  Philco and Radio History

 o  Other Links


Schematics and parts lists and layouts are pretty much essential.  Much of this data is available online at Resources page at Nostalgia Air.  But more complete information can be purchased from many sources, such as the Philco Repair Bench and Just Radios.

I purchased schematics etc. for a few dollars from Chuck Schwark at Philco Repair Bench.  Chuck provides:

Schematic, parts list, parts layout

Tube socket voltages

Alignment and adjustment procedures

Product change data

Chuck also generously answered some of my getting started questions.  His site was again helpful when I needed to rebuild the bakelite "universal" capacitor (section 9).

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