38-9 Restoration

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The Beginning
Don't Plug it In
5.  Ordering Parts
The Plan

 1.  Get the Data

 2.  Block Diagram

 3.  Pre-Flight Checks

 4.  What Needs Replacement?

 5.  Ordering Parts

 6.  Install Electrolytics

 7.  First Power-On Checks

 8.  Triage Problems - more trouble!

 9.  Complete Electrical Restoration

10.  2nd Pre-Flight and Power-On, and The Last Problem

Additional Resources

 o  Antenna in the attic

 o  Shortwave Listening Guide

 o  Philco and Radio History

 o  Other Links


A) Capacitors
Dave Cantelon's Just Radios (www.justradios.com) provided capacitor replacements for the project.  The trick is to select the correct voltage rating and closest available capacitance.  Dave volunteered to select modern replacements and create a parts kit for me.  Total cost?  $10 plus minimal shipping.  Good deal (and he takes paypal, too)!

B) Resistors
Resistors can be found from many sources.  The key is to ensure that you're substituting equal or higher wattage rating, and resistance as close to the original as possible.  

Most of the resistors are rated at 1/2 watt or 1 watt.  For these I substituted Carbon Film resistors of the same wattage and resistance.

One piece was 3 watt in the original, for which I used a 5 watt wire wound component.

Antique Electronic Supply (a.k.a. tubes and more) was my source for resistors.  Most came in minimum quantity of 5, so I've got extras, but the whole deal was only about $10 plus shipping.

C) What about Tubes? 

Tubes are available at some of the specialty shops (see Links page).  I happened upon a set of tubes on e-bay selected for 1938 Philco.  Ebay is amazing.  In the future, though, I'd check tubes out at a repair clinic before spending money unnecessarily.

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