38-9 Restoration

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The Beginning
Don't Plug it In
Restoration of a 1938 Philco Radio
The Plan

 1.  Get the Data

 2.  Block Diagram

 3.  Pre-Flight Checks

 4.  What Needs Replacement?

 5.  Ordering Parts

 6.  Install Electrolytics

 7.  First Power-On Checks

 8.  Triage Problems - more trouble!

 9.  Complete Electrical Restoration

10.  2nd Pre-Flight and Power-On, and The Last Problem

Additional Resources

 o  Antenna in the attic

 o  Shortwave Listening Guide

 o  Philco and Radio History

 o  Other Links


This is a short documentary of how, as a novice, I restored this set.  I'll share the steps I followed, and the most useful resources that I found.

This site is dedicated to the fine people who helped me to get this radio working.

New Jersey Antique Radio Club (www.njarc.org) members, especially Aaron and Steve.
Chuck Schwark's Philco Repair Bench (www.philcorepairbench.com) for schematics and advice.
Dave Cantelon's Just Radios (www.justradios.com) provided advice on choosing capacitor replacements.  He supplied them at very reasonable cost, too.

Note: Resources that I found particularly valuable are marked with this star.


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